Simulation Feature Overviews and Demo Engagements <–All videos also available here

Modern – Salmünster
(overview narration)

WWII – Assault on Périers
(ambient audio)
Modern – Task Force Schwamberger
(soundtrack audio)

WWII – Marigny
(ambient audio)
WWII – St. Vith
(user submitted video)

Simulation Tutorials

Extended Simulation Overview and Tutorial

This video gives an extensive play-by-play of setting up and playing Battle Command.
Combat Engineering Showcase

For more on Battle Command’s Combat Engineering features please see this page.

Group Orders Tutorial
Orders Sequencing Tutorial
Formation Orders Tutorial

Scenario Design Tutorials

Scenario Creation
Scenario Editing

Misc. Tutorials

Terrain Encoding (Advanced)

If you want to encode maps or design new units, please also refer to the BC Technical Reference Manual in the scenario development tools download section.

Unit Graphics

Unit graphics are on a per-unit, per-scenario basis and thus can be customized by the scenario designer.

MILSketch Military Graphics Software

MILSketch is included with each purchase of BC and allows the easy creation of mil spec briefing maps for scenarios.