New AI Version – Pre-defined AI Plans of Action! (20160516)

Greetings everybody!

We’re back again already with some big news on the AI front:

The Battle Command AI engine now supports pre-defined plans. This means the scenario designer can define (currently up to 100) possible plans of action with their own groups and paths and scripted orders. The AI will then select one of these plans, follow the given orders and transition to full-AI mode when the plan has run its course.

Here’s how it works:

  • The scenario designer or player can define multiple scripting plans in saved AI or non-AI groups ( 00 – 99; up to 100 plans).
  • If available, a pre-defined plan is selected randomly by the AI, otherwise the AI will make it’s own plan based on the existing group file.
  • If the AI detects pre-saved scripting orders, it will not issue new orders until these orders complete. When the scripting completes, it will take control.


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