3D Tactical Wargame / Simulation (Squad to Platoon size units)full-1391-101786-salmnster_scenario_2015_05_01_13_40_37


Available Now! Golan Heights 2016 Scenario Series.
sScenarioCardJune 2014 – New Scenario Series: NATO versus Russia in 2016.
· 3D and 2D map based user interface.
· Units are individual, section, or platoon/battery sized units.
· Click on the 3D map to issue unit movement waypoints.
· Multiple players over LAN and Internet, each controlling specific forces.
· Real time with 30 second time steps, time compression adjustable up to x1,000.
· Detailed combat results, movement, and visibility/LOS models.
· Positional sound effects (movement, weapons, etc.) and TTS speech reports.
· IR sights (2G FLIR, NVD, etc.), surface search and air search radar, smoke, and illumination modeling.
· Laser designation and targeting.
· Combat command and control with player avatar settings and unit radio range limitations.
· Aviation units return to off-map “replenish” and “hold” areas between missions over map.
· 3D terrain height maps with 100m grid squares. Maps are from digital terrain elevation data.
· Ammunition and fuel resupply are modeled however this is rarely used given the time and scale of typical scenarios.
·   Combat Engineering Features.
  • Works great on Windows 8, 7, Vista, Server 2012, Server 2008, XP, 2000, 64- and 32-bit versions!

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