3D Tactical Wargame / Simulation (Squad to Platoon size units)

New: St. Vith Infantry Battle by Stephen Gray


Taking place on the most accurate Digital Elevation Map of the city of Baghdad in any computer game, this scripted Mahdi enemy scenario by StefanoC features IEDs, F-15E Close Air Support, Laser Designation and Targeting, and Stryker Brigade Combat Team Elements.  Please access the game Forum for information and download instructions.  PDF

New: Quick Start Video by Stephen Gray

New: WWII St. Vith AAR Series by Stephen Gray


New: Long-Range Pathfinding Tutorial:

Now Available: Active Play-by-Email (PBEM) – Each player gets allocated timeslots with notification by email.  Only that player can start/stop the Simulation and set time compression.  Excellent for asynchronous multiplayer.  Simulation automatically stops at the end of each timeslot.


Al-Kut 2015-02-02 04-08-01

Available Now! Golan Heights 2016 Scenario Series.
sScenarioCardJune 2014 – New Scenario Series: NATO versus Russia in 2016.
· 3D and 2D map based user interface.
· Units are individual, section, or platoon/battery sized units.
· Click on the 3D map to issue unit movement waypoints.
· Multiple players over LAN and Internet, each controlling specific forces.
· Real time with 30 second time steps, time compression adjustable up to x1,000.
· Detailed combat results, movement, and visibility/LOS models.
· Positional sound effects (movement, weapons, etc.) and TTS speech reports.
· IR sights (2G FLIR, NVD, etc.), surface search and air search radar, smoke, and illumination modeling.
· Laser designation and targeting.
· Combat command and control with player avatar settings and unit radio range limitations.
· Aviation units return to off-map “replenish” and “hold” areas between missions over map.
· 3D terrain height maps with 100m grid squares. Maps are from digital terrain elevation data.
· Ammunition and fuel resupply are modeled however this is rarely used given the time and scale of typical scenarios.
·   Combat Engineering Features.
  • Works great on Windows 8, 7, Vista, Server 2012, Server 2008, XP, 2000, 64- and 32-bit versions!

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