Welcome to Battle Command!

A 3D Tactical Wargame and Simulation Sandbox


Battle Command is a hybrid between a commercial computer wargame and a professional training simulation.
It offers the robust realism of a training simulation and the graphical appeal and playability of a commercial wargame.

Players can create their own scenarios and launch multiplayer games with relative ease. Battle Command represents a new approach to distributed simulation design.

Battle Command utilizes ubiquitous fast internet and LAN plus the surplus CPU processing capacity and robust 3D graphics capabilities of today’s computers to create a realistic and engaging simulation experience in a marriage of map-based wargaming and hands-on, ‘in the field’ military command training.

Real Terrain. Actual units. Real time.

Key Features:

3D and 2D Map Based User Interface

Maps in Battle Command are fully three-dimensional. The render engine is very configurable however, so for terrain elevation display can be amplified to accentuate small terrain features the player might want to take advantage of. The interface also features a 2D overview map for quick navigation.

The included maps are based off actual satellite data, but the overlay can be freely designed by the user. High-resolution topographical overlays for certain maps have already been created by users.The 3D map view reflects actual conditions, so it will be as clear, sunny, hazy, foggy or dark as the current weather and visibility conditions (as you can see in the images, it’s sunny and clear in Ft. Irwin, late morning in Khair-ud-dim, Afghanistan, and hazy in Salmünster).

Topographical Line-of-Sight is is calculated based on the actual topographical terrain data and not abstracted to the grid overlay. So in Battle Command, not only can you stand on that hill to recon your kill zone – you should.

This provides a training and simulation experience that is as close to actually being in the field as is possible.

Multiple Players over LAN and Internet

Each player controls specific forces, as defined by the scenario designer and controlled by the server administrator.Battle Command also features Observer Slots for umpires and instructors. All slots can be password protected.

Real Time – in 30 Second Pulses


Time compression is adjustable up to x1,000, server option for player pause requests.


As deep as you want, as easy as you need

  • Detailed but easy to understand Order Tree
  • Point-and-click Waypoint System
  • Deep right-click Quick-Access Menu
  • Group Orders
  • Formation Movement
  • Detailed unit orders interface

Complex Modelling

Battlefield Factors:

  • Daylight and Weather Effects
  • IR sights (2G FLIR, NVD, etc.),
  • Surface / Air Search Radar
  • Smoke, Illumination and more

Weapons Systems and C3:

  • Laser Designation and Targeting
  • Combat Command and Control
  • Player Avatar Settings and Unit Radio Range


Variable Unit Size, powerful modelling capabilities

  • OOB table featuring various units

  • Soldiers, Sections, Platoon/Battery Sized Units or larger
  • size, capabilities and equipment set by scenario designer
  • loading/unloading from other units
  • Ammunition and Fuel Resupply


All the Information you need (and more)

  • Unit status window

Detailed OOB tables, unit status screens, weather and daylight conditions, combat results, and debriefing stats


All the perks of a modern 3D Simulation Engine


  • Positional sound effects (movement, weapons, etc.) and TTS speech reports.
  • Real-time LOS Overlay
  • Granular terrain type mapping
  • Aviation replentishes and holds in off-map areas between missions flown over the map


And finally, all the tools and help you need to keep it fresh:

  • Map generation and terrain encoding tools are provided.
  • Unit Creation is Excel based
  • unit design requires very little technical expertise
  • virtually no limits to what units can be simulated
  • extensive video tutorials on all topics, from unit control to map generation!